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Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain

I learned two days past of my impending departure from these fifty, nifty United States. I was informed that I needed to make a flight reservation in the approximate date range of August 20 – 23rd. I replied that I … Continue reading

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Cooking Wonderment

Hi, my name is Jon-Michael and I’m a vegan! (Hi, Jon-Michael!) It’s Founder’s Day weekend for the infamous Alcoholics Anonymous support group here in the bright and sun-shiney dull and overcast city of Akron. What does that mean exactly? Imagine, if you will, … Continue reading

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I might have made a mistake, you know. In fact, I make tons of mistakes, but most people don’t believe that I truly think I make mistakes. I tend to catch a lot of flack from those around me for … Continue reading

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One Year Ago Today… An Introduction

One year ago today I was in Japan, traveling to Yamanashi Prefecture to make one last visit to a precocious young woman. I remember, with a vibrant significance, that as I rode the train during those hours I listened to … Continue reading

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