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It’s been one week (since you looked at me)

After nearly 30 hours of driving, flying, waiting, flying, waiting, flying, and more driving, I have arrived in Kaifeng, China to the foreign experts dormitories. Overall, the journey was uneventful. We had no problems with passports, visas, or luggage. We … Continue reading

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Caught in a Bad Romance

Heyyyy America! How’s it going? I am currently in an internet cafe in Kaifeng. I arrived here on August 22nd at around 7:30 PM. The first night was largely uneventful. The truth of the matter is that I have typed … Continue reading

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Your Love is My Drug (or: Why I’m a vegan)

(Two days in a row. What?) I really dislike Kesha. I think the College Humor video named “Sing Talk” is pretty spot on regarding her talent (or lack thereof) and music (if we can call it that). If you haven’t … Continue reading

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JASC Relapse

I’ve been meaning to post for quite a few days now, but have been out of town visiting the opening of the 62nd Japan-America Student Conference, spending time with my sister, and passing the days in Washington DC with a … Continue reading

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