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Let the wine of friendship never run dry!

November draws to a close, and so I should probably finish telling November stories this week in my blog, eh? There are really only two stories of note, with a few small anecdotes in between. This first post requires us to jump … Continue reading

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Got a Devil’s Haircut in my Mind

Happy Thanksgiving, U.S.A. This week I had my students come up with stories about being turned into a turkey two days before Thanksgiving. There were some pretty good gems amongst the stories, including one where I was turned into a … Continue reading

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He did the Monster Mash!

Hallomas, as the Chinese have been known to refer to it, has come and gone. Today is November 11, and in China that means that it is bachelor’s day! (11/11 – one, one, one, one… all singles). I guess today … Continue reading

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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!

你好! (I offer one excuse for the delayed posting. My internet sucks and it takes about 5 hours to post pictures.) Been a while since I’ve updated, but in all truthiness I have no good excuse for my lack of … Continue reading

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