Got a Devil’s Haircut in my Mind

Happy Thanksgiving, U.S.A.

This week I had my students come up with stories about being turned into a turkey two days before Thanksgiving. There were some pretty good gems amongst the stories, including one where I was turned into a pumpkin pie and if ingested before midnight on Thanksgiving would never return to human form again. Another story told of my vegan origins, wherein I showed mercy to the student who had become a turkey and, in doing so, broke the curse that caused them to become a turkey to begin with. One story included some of the friends of the student cooking the turkey and tricking me into eating a soup made from the carcass. When the ghost of the student came back to haunt her friends, they informed her that I had eaten her soul (because soul looks like soup) whereupon she sought revenge upon me. Silly students.

The other foreigners are celebrating Thanksgiving with each other this evening with a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and the general holiday specialties. Not being one for either Thanksgiving or for a non-vegan feast I have opted instead to spend my evening reading and writing.  It has been a while, after all.

On Thursday, November 4th, after a delicious dinner, Josh and I decided that it was time to experience the hair cut scene in China. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures documenting the journey, but I will describe it anyway!

We entered into the most trendy hair salon on Ming Lun street, with one of my Chinese students, Ashley, in tow. With Ashley’s help we described that we would like to shorten our hair by a significant length as it was all getting a bit out of hand. They led us to the back of the shop where they set us down and began washing our hair. The feeling was lovely, as they slowly massaged the scalp a bit as well. After finishing the rinse the person taking care of me wrapped my hair tightly in a manner that made me look like a bald monk. It looks rather ridiculous to be honest.

Standing, Josh and I moved to the chairs at the front of the store and began having our hair snipped away. The cutting took about 20 minutes as we continually had to prod them to take off more length. My barber was particularly careful, as if he were gently caving a a sculpture from my hair with a look of solid determination on his face.

After a good amount of hair laid on the ground we were again led to the back of the shop where we received a second hair washing. This time the massage was even better, and the warm water was incredibly welcome. While Josh was getting his hair washed the second time he was complemented on his nose by the washer. He replied: “Oh, I think it’s too big.” The Chinese man then mentioned that he actually liked it because it was so big! A bit of a funny complement, I think 🙂

The haircut took about 45 minutes and cost 10 RMB (about $1.5). It was a real steal, and I expect that I’ll be going back soon for more delicious haircut goodness.

I won’t write much this time, but in the next post I’ll be telling about a trip I made to Ping Ding Shan to serve delicious wine, sprite, juice, and coffee in order to make a decent amount of money. Assuming I’m not lazy with my work I will most likely have the entry up by Monday morning in the US!

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4 Responses to Got a Devil’s Haircut in my Mind

  1. Michael Durkin says:

    Larry Oney will be interested in that price. Happy Thanksgiving back to you.

  2. Victoria says:

    Your fans want pictures of your haircut! Happy Tofurky Day, JaM. I miss you so much.

  3. Jon-Michael says:

    Tori> I expect my fans would be disappointed as I still suffer from D.J. on Roseanne syndrome.

  4. Victoria says:


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