3/50-The bane of my existence.

This is the foreign experts residence. It is surrounded by a large green gate which is meant to protect us from the dangerous Chinese individuals who are trying to rob us. This gate is the bane of my existence in Kaifeng. Want to go out on an early morning run? Tough. Lao Wang doesn’t open the gate until 6:30 AM. Want to go out and buy a late night snack? Tough. Lao Wang locks the gate at 10:00 PM. Want to go out to the bar? Better be home before 9:45 PM, because sometimes Lao Wang gets gate happy and decides to lock it earlier. Want to have friends over for drinks? They better leave before 9:45 PM, or else they’re going to have to spend the night or climb over the gate.

As a full grown, capable adult, I find this to be irksome and absolutely ridiculous. One of the last things I do in Kaifeng will probably be to give the gate a good kick as I exit it for the final time. Grrrr.

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