15/50 – Niu-Niu The Wonder-dog

Meet Niú Niú, Drink Lady’s pet dog. He spends most of his days chained up underneath a table stacked full of peanuts and coca colas. Other days he gets random nut shells dropped on him by Drink Lady. Some days he comes out to play with his friend, Lai Lai. Mostly, he just doesn’t get cleaned. During the 8 month drought of Kaifeng Niú Niú’s fur got so matted that it was hard to believe it was the same dog. He can shake paws with your feet and loves to be rubbed behind the ears (but who would want to?)

As a sidenote, we are unsure of whether the characters used to represent Niú Niú are… It’s possible they are 牛妞, meaning Taurus (although if this is the case then my pinyin is wrong as it should be Niu(2) Niu(1). Maybe we’ll ask Drink Lady sometime…

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1 Response to 15/50 – Niu-Niu The Wonder-dog

  1. Marlie says:

    it’s so ugly SLASH cute…i just don’t know what to do when i see it

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