21/50 – Hotpot!

If I’m being serious with this blog then I have to admit that I don’t like hotpot very much… at least, not with Chinese people. I find it to be a laborious task. Traditional hotpot involves having one pot of liquid in the center of the table which is seasoned with a variety of spices. There are various plates of raw foods which are brought to you which you then add to the pot at your leisure, waiting for it to cook. It’s often times not a very vegan venture, and it turns into quite the chore when a Chinese person orders so much food that it’s unbearable (hey, hospitality, right?).

The couple of times that we foreigners have done hotpot on our own it has been a wonderful time. This particular hotpot picture is from a “self-serve” restaurant. Each person has their own hotpot pan and on one side of them there is a conveyor belt (or river) which pulls the raw foods around. You grab what you want and add it to your pot. At 40 RMB it’s a bit expensive, but it’s really quite delicious.

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