22/50 – The Grinnies

Upon our arrival to Kaifeng we began to frequent a series of mom and pop restaurants outside of the South gate of our university. The owners of the shops quickly became familiar with our faces as we patronized their shops several times a week. One shop in particular was host to a young child with a curious manner. We called him ‘Grinny,’ after a nickname for squirrels that Josh used to use.

Eventually, there were many grinnies in our life. Sometimes they are fun and curious, and other times they run from us. The three grinnies in this photo usually have fun beating us up or, at the very least, saying hello. I’m breaking form today and posting three pictures, as I don’t believe any one picture does them justice. These were taken by Marlie yesterday night as I chased the kids around tickling them. I will miss these little hellions.

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