23/50 – Stinky Creek

This patch of putrid green water runs along the outside of the Eastern wall of the university. Farther along this road on the right side are the student dormitories. This river has been relatively stagnate since the rains stopped in October. It has crept downward along the banks of the river and has collected more and more trash as the months have passed. It was named ‘Stinky Creek’ by two older Australian men that we once ran into at a restaurant out of the South gate. There’s really no doubt about it– the river exudes a stench of human feces, death, and trash. It’s so bad that most of the students avoid cross the river to get to the school until they absolutely have to. We typically make all attempts possible to avoid the tendrils of stink which crawl forth from it… I’ll be glad to never see Stinky Creek again.

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