26/50 – The Lao Wangs

Yes. This is Josh. But if you look behind him and to the left you will see two mysterious beings. Mrs. Liu and Lao Wang, out gatekeepers. I am told they are kind hearted people, but in my mind they have earned an eternal spot on my ‘people who anger me’ list. Lao Wang locks our gate at 10:00 PM. He seems crotchety when we ask for him not lock it so that we can return later. He wakes us up at 7:30 AM on Sunday mornings by pounding on mini-kegs with hammers. He generally just seems to be annoyed by our presence, and so I am annoyed by his presence. In this picture, they are sitting on uncomfortable little stools and reading newspapers by the side of our apartments. Why are they sitting by the wall? I don’t know. I can’t figure them out. They’re one of the biggest mysteries of my time here…

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