30/50 – The Depths of Hell

Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, we are about to enter the depths of Chinese Hell. Commonly referred to in English as ‘bathrooms.’

This is the doorway into the forbidden place. Located right across the hall from classrooms and never shut, a terrible stench leaks forth from it, infecting the halls and rooms with terrors previously unimagined.

We have entered and approach the ‘urinal.’ If you didn’t know better, this could be a shot out of an abandoned house. Instead, it’s just a trough in the floor with a dripping water pipe hung about. Watch out for splash-back or the hordes of mosquitoes resting in the pools of water.

These are the squatter stalls. Or as I sometimes refer to them, Satan’s launchpad. Squat over that little trough right there and do your business. Again, watch out for splash-back. Some people talk on their phones while they’re on these. There are no doors, and the walls are low. Who needs privacy? Here, the Party has the right to inspect your shit. Weird.

A top-down view of the no-man’s land trench. That little pipe on the left serves to deliver a trickle of water to keep everything flowing. Sorry for the camera strap.

No soap. No towels. Not a single luxury. Like Robinson Crusoe the Chinese are primitive as can be. I think washing your hands here actually makes them dirtier.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is at an acclaimed university, in one of its best departments (the Foreign Language College). There are many, many toilets in China that are worse than this… but few that are better.

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