33/50 – Featherball(s)

This is a Jasper. At least that’s what we call it, anyway. It was named Jasper when Josh didn’t really have any idea what it was called. A little research shows that it’s actually a shuttlecock, used for a game also called shuttlecock or featherball. It’s like the Chinese version of hackey sack. The idea is that you kick this little thing back and forth using any part of your body you want (except your hands). It can be played competitively or cooperatively. I first encountered it in Guangzhou during our spring travels, although it was ultimately Marlie, Josh, and Marija who brought it back with them. The sport is apparently very old. For a while, this semester, it was the height of our fun times together. Although we don’t play it so often these days, it’s still really significant in my mind.

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