40/50 – Street Poopers!







Just what does this spray-painted message in the middle of rural China say? We encountered it on our adventure to Kaifeng’s coal burning plants, but we were unsurprised when we confirmed that it in fact says: “No Pooping,” or the eloquent equivalent in Chinese.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, pooping or peeing on the street and in other public places is a simple fact of life here. It’s not uncommon to see a child urinating on the street with little worry. Or to see an older person coaxing, even arguing with their child to go on the street.

(I did not take this photo. I am too bashful to take such a photo. This photo is from http://blog.emilyminor.com/, a lovely blog about life in Shanghai.)

Often, you will see an older chinese person holding the legs of a baby open so that they can do their business. They hold them over highways, curbs, and even bags!

My personal favorite time I’ve witnessed such an event,was when I was on the 34 hour train from Shenzhen to Kaifeng in February. Sitting in the lower bunk of my compartment was a family with a one year old child. Throughout the course of the train ride they continuously held the child over a paper bag in order for it to pee. The bag, of course, broke and leaked urine all over the floor. Diapers. Diapers. Diapers.

(I did not take this picture. It is from the Shanghaist).

Walking on a street in China requires extreme concentration, or else you WILL become a shitwalker. Be careful. Be conscientious. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!



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